6 Reasons why you should Download Jackalope App (and join the Gig Economy)

What if I were to tell you that “magic” was real? Or at least, something like magic? Something so smart, efficient, it’s as if it were doing the hard part for you.

Magic isn’t real, of course, but magical things can happen when you download and begin using Jackalope for your most essential gig working needs (and we mean essential). Throughout the COVID-19 epidemic, the gig workforce has grown exponentially seeing about a 15% increase since 2017. That’s 6 million people. With the gig workforce exploding, the self-employed freelancer and gig worker have found themselves with an insane predicament: where to begin? Enter, Jackalope.

Built with the ultimate gig worker in mind, Jackalope is a beautifully designed, streamlined app made to handle gig matching and scheduling. If you’re not already convinced that Jackalope and the gig economy are the next big thing, sit back, relax, and get into these 6 reasons why you should download Jackalope (and join the gig economy):

⏱ You’re ready to take control of your finances (and your schedule).

💸 You’re ready to make MULTIPLE streams of income, not just one.

👥 You enjoy working independently (while helping people every day).

🧠 You prefer to work smarter, not harder (and reap the benefits).

🤩 You love rewards.

🔮 You’re ready to enter the future of workforces.

Well, there you have it! If you’re not already applying to your first gig as we speak (look at you, early bird!), you can download the app and start earning. Set up your account, get matched with the best gigs on the market, and start maximizing your cash flow with Jackalope. 

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