The Rideshare Guide

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1. Getting Started

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2. The First Ride

So you’re venturing into the unknown… Where do you go first? Well rideshare apps are integrated with Google Maps and Waze to guide you, but it doesn’t hurt to familiarize yourself with your neighborhood before your first ride. Ensure your car interior is clean and smells good (no need to go overboard though). Picking up your first rider? Greet them cheerfully. Depending on their response, you’ll know if they’re up for chatting or prefer a quiet ride. No headphones in? Play some top hits and help your rider enjoy a smooth ride.

The First Ride: Part I

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Tip: It’s okay to take breaks for your physical and mental health. Take advantage of the flexibility of being your own boss!

The First Ride: Part II

So you made it through your first day. Great job! Here’s how to make your ride home profitable. With this combo, you’ll be sure to get rides that take you toward your path home.

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3. Becoming a 5-Star Driver

The biggest part of being a successful rideshare driver is your reviews. When your average rating falls below the required threshold, there are consequences. At first you’ll be given a couple chances to recover, but if your rating continues to drop you may get permanently suspended. The key to enhancing your riders’ experience is simple, here's how:

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4. Maximizing your Profits

Here’s the thing about gig work— You can either make it your temporary side hustle, or you can turn it into your pathway to freedom. Did you ever collect Pokemon cards back in the day? Well that’s how you should view gig apps. The more apps you work for, the more you’ll be able to increase your average hourly income.

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Tip: Don’t put unnecessary miles on your car. Learn where the prime spots and what the best hours are. The rideshare algorithm chooses the driver who is closest to the rider. When you position yourself in a prime spot, the app will choose you since you can arrive to the rider first.
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