5 Ways to Maximize Your Gig Matching & Cash Flow with Jackalope

We agree that time is money (and of the essence). Why not get the most out of it? With longer days at home, busier schedules, and more responsibilities on your plate, Jackalope makes optimizing your work schedule and earnings easy as hitting the “snooze” button on your alarm. Trust us! We’re not kidding...

...and because we care about your time, we came up with 5 quick and easy tips to maximize your gig matching and cash flow with Jackalope’s handy in-app features.

Be Smart with Your Money.

Know exactly where your earnings are coming from, where your cash flow is going, and optimize with our in-app earnings tracker. Spending too much on gas? View your tracked mileage and gas money spent easily from one place.

Get Ready for Tax Season.

Setting aside money for taxes on your own time? Use Jackalope to export a .csv of your finances and view your cumulative earnings & expenses over time in a filtered summary view for easy access at your fingertips.

Finish your applications, note them in the app.

Once you get matched with a gig, complete the application and return the app, note it ASAP. This will help you stay on track AND earn more rewards (and who seriously doesn’t love that?) Apply to at least 2 jobs and earn rewards points you can apply to promos through the app; just send us screenshots of your completed application in an email including your name, and reap the sweet, sweet benefits.

Stay Motivated.

One of the most important keys to staying motivated is having short and long term plans or goals. We recommend setting a completed gig application goal for yourself each week. As you use Jackalope to apply to more gigs, your ability to add more to your schedule and thus, track your finances can increase your earning power over time and in the future, more rewards. Apply to more jobs and increase your earning potential in half the time.

Take advantage.

The more you use Jackalope, the more rewards you earn. Redeem your points and take advantage of some pretty amazing promos: 2 free months of health benefits from Kover, for starters.

Well, there you have it, folks. Short, sweet, and to the point, you can rely on our foolproof tips to earn the most out of your time with Jackalope’s tailored self-employment features. Get to work quicker and toggle between multiple gig schedules on a single screen, track your expenses more efficiently in customizable fields, and earn more with our streamlined gig-matching. 

Ready to hit the ground running with your next gig? Download the app (or sign up for our Android waitlist here) and start applying.